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About VA

Gain more insight to the world of Vanessa Akos, the origin, the designer, the legacy.

Vanessa Akos

Vanessa Akos is a contemporary, luxury, cross cultural fashion [label] inspired by her British and Ghanaian dual heritage.
The brand specialises in producing exclusive fashion and home interior pieces with an emphasis on high quality, distinctive designs. Each product is designed to take you on a global journey; perfect for those with a desire to immerse themselves in culture.

We also pride ourselves on being socially conscious and at the forefront of our mission is committing to becoming a fully ethical and sustainable brand. Some of our clothing and home accessories are made by wonderful artisans around the world as its important to provide people with jobs and fair trade opportunities. 

The brand has a strong focus on inclusivity by catering to all ages, sizes, and gender identities.
Welcome to the world of Vanessa Akos where we hope you are inspired as much as we are during the creative process.


Vanessa Abankwah is the creative director of  Vanessa Akos. Discovering her creative flair at 10 years old after watching fashion week on TV, she began designing with no formal education. At the centre of the brand is homage to her grandma, the late Margret Achempong, who encouraged her to always look her best no matter the time, place, or situation.

She describes the brand as:
" More than a clothing line and home accessories; this is a movement to be size inclusive, whilst creating jobs and inspiring people to love patterns and designs from all over the world."

Over the course of her career, she has worked with renowned brands Juicy Couture, Cosmo, Vogue, and Elle, which allowed her to gain insight and knowledge into the business behind fashion. She has also designed for private clients whilst developing her brand Vanessa Akos.
Her other successes include graduating [LLB ] Law and an Msc International Development top of her class. Personal tragedy also lead her to set up the positive charity clothing brand So Swarvey which later turned into a youth violence prevention movement featured at festivals such as Ghana party in the park, radio, magazines and TV.